Market application of high power laser cutting equipment

Market application of high power laser cutting equipment

The current metal plate welding process is roughly as follows: metal plate blanking → sheet edge processing → assembly and welding → heat treatment → machining → completion. The blanking and cutting of the plate is the first step in the welding process. The plate cutting process is roughly divided into: flame cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting.

High-power laser cutting technologyWith the continuous development of today's heavy industry, laser cutting has gradually transitioned from the thin plate cutting industry to the thick plate cutting field, meaning that laser cutting will enter the era of high power.

In response to the new requirements of metal cutting accuracy and thickness in industrial manufacturing in the new era, the achievable power of laser cutting machines is getting higher and higher. Today, high-power laser cutting equipment has been widely used in the upstream of almost all plate processing products, from space shuttles, ships, automobiles, to washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., which cannot be separated from high-power laser cutting machines. In addition to industrial manufacturing, high-power laser technology and equipment are also one of the commanding heights of national defense strategy and emerging industries, and play a major supporting role in national security and national economic construction. From the perspective of industrial development, high power is an inevitable product of the development of the laser cutting industry to a certain stage, and it is also the general trend of the industry.

In the sheet metal processing industry, laser cutting machines have established unique processing advantages, exhibiting characteristics of high efficiency, high quality and high precision, and are gradually replacing traditional processing techniques. However, in the field of medium and thick plate processing, laser cutting faces some difficulties: heavy plate cutting requires higher laser equipment power, which is technically difficult; high-end laser cutting high-end technology is monopolized by foreign advanced enterprises, and domestic technological development is subject to people; as As the thickness of the plate increases, the cutting process becomes more and more difficult, which requires a lot of experimentation and exploration to obtain stable cutting process parameters. The thicker the plate, the slower the cutting speed, and the user's productivity will be severely restricted; as the power and Increasing the thickness of the plate, the bearing capacity of the cutting machine itself, the ability to resist burning and dust removal also need to be improved accordingly.


As an important type of plate in the industry, medium and heavy plates have been widely used in various fields. Its processing level is one of the important signs of the development of related industries. The emergence of ultra-high-power laser cutting machines in China will make these industries usher in a quality Leap, Bond Laser focuses on the development of laser cutting field and is committed to continuously breaking new technologies and processes to truly meet market demand and lead the industry development!



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