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Case | Laser coding machine improves efficiency for meat processing companies

Customer background

J Foods is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise focusing on the production and processing of pig slaughter and cold fresh meat. Founded in 1994, it has production bases in Shandong, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and other production bases for slaughtering pigs and broilers and cold fresh meat. The production and processing line is a key leading enterprise in the national agricultural industrialization. The annual production capacity of slaughtering and processing 20 million pigs, 200 million broilers, and 3 million tons of cold meat and frozen meat products.


Originally, during production in the factory, due to the long pipeline operation time and frequent failures of the inkjet printers, engineers almost had to be on standby at any time. If one failed, the other would be replaced immediately, which delayed the production plan. So began to look for alternatives, and laser technology just met the requirements.


After using the Flying UV series and CO2 series laser online coding machines, the customer decided to choose Flying3U equipment. Its marking effect is in sharp contrast with the replaced coding machines: Flying3U series adopts integrated touch screen, intuitive interface and installation Fast, the marking software is simple and convenient to operate, does not produce harmful gases when marking products, meets food safety requirements, and the marking effect is stable, high-quality laser coding can be performed on fast-moving products, and 24-hour trouble-free operation can be achieved. Solve the production plan of the factory to ensure quality and quantity.



Industry: Meat processing

Substrate: paper film label/plastic label

Device model: Flying 3U

Marking speed: ≤12000mm/s, the actual marking speed depends on the material

Marking effect: clear marking, no touch


On Spot(Image)

Flying 3U UV laser online coding machine

Laser coding is flexible, it can print various characters, symbols or complex patterns, etc., and the character size can be from millimeters to micrometers;

4 point shift design, increase the theoretical life by more than 2 times;

The coding speed is as high as 12000mm/s;

Full touch screen, bid farewell to manual input of instructions, easy for laymen to get started;

Visualized software system data billboard, the laser status is clear at a glance;

The maintenance-free time is more than 100,000 hours;



J Foods is particularly satisfied with the quality of the coding. The laser coding is clear and easy to read and is always located in the same position on the packaging label, which improves the aesthetics of the packaging. The Flying 3U UV laser coding machine does not need ink and does not stain the product surface. risks of. Since the start of the Flying 3U equipment coding in 2018, the equipment has been operating stably without unplanned downtime, which has effectively increased the company's production capacity. Since the machine does not require dedicated maintenance, it has also helped to save the cost of 2 maintenance engineers.

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