Good Start to Get Back to Work| HG Technology "Rushes" to New Journey

In the warm sun in early spring, we ushered in the first working day of the Year of the Ox.

In fact, before the start of the whole staff, during the Spring Festival this year, more than a thousand HGC employees stayed at their jobs, only to respond to customer needs, guarantee delivery, and provide customers with better services.

At the beginning of the new year, in the production workshop, in the laboratory, and at various project sites at home and abroad, the people of HGTechnology "rushed" to the new journey with full passion and enthusiasm——


"Laser + Intelligent Manufacturing" overall solution empowers the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing


In the past year, relying on the intelligent manufacturing business headquarters, HG Technology has built a number of benchmark intelligent manufacturing solutions demonstration sites such as Wuhan Shipbuilding, China Railway Baoqiao, and Sany Heavy Industry. Since the Spring Festival holiday this year, the company's engineers have stayed at the customer sites in Changsha, Ningxiang and other areas to provide quality services. In the future, the company will continue to transform and upgrade traditional manufacturing industries such as bridges, shipbuilding and construction machinery with the overall solution of "laser + intelligent manufacturing". Since January, orders for intelligent manufacturing of HG Technology have increased by 70% year-on-year.


Intelligent manufacturing equipment industrial park robot system intelligent factory will be put into operation soon


On the first day of construction, in the Robot System Intelligent Factory of the HG Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industrial Park in Gedian, Ezhou, forklifts and trucks shuttle back and forth, and the relocation of the new plant is in full swing. On March 6, the plant will be officially put into operation, realizing multi-equipment standardization, automation, and mass production.

In the No. 1 workshop of the HG Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industrial Park, dozens of equipment are "ready to go" and they will be sent to Thailand, Bulgaria, Turkey, South Korea and other countries and regions; in the HG Laser Suzhou Automation Company, a laser automatic Film cutting equipment was also sent to customers on the day of construction. In 2021, HG Technology will continue to deepen the multi-industry application of lasers in the field of intelligent manufacturing based on laser intelligent equipment.


"No drop in production" service "online" to ensure that customers resume production as soon as possible after the holiday

In order to speed up the delivery of major projects and at the same time respond to the country's call for active epidemic prevention to "Chinese New Year in situ", during the Spring Festival, employees took the initiative to stay in the Optics Valley Future City HG Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park to work overtime to debug equipment to ensure the delivery of orders from major customers. In Shanghai, Chengdu, Langli, Liuyang, Nanchang, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan... HG Technology staff has no hesitation, stationed at the customer site to ensure that customers quickly resume production after the holiday.

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