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We keep Going with Spring Breeze Good Start to Get Back to Work

As the saying goes

A good beginning is half the battle

Let's take a look

On the first day of construction in the Year of the Ox

What kind of surprise start is waiting for everyone!


Open the door and get a red envelope


In the morning, the senior executives of HGlaser came to the door early and gave out red envelopes to every staff. "The bull is soaring, the year of the ox will be lucky", which is the most pleasing auspicious words heard on the first day of work.

The MOMENTS on Wechat is thriving :

"The moment you go to work is full of motivation!"

"The first cup of milk tea on the working day of the Year of the Ox was treated by the leaders"

"I like to raise a huge sum of money, and start working well!"


New Year's first shot

Listen to the gunfire, ignite passion


Return to work and welcome a new starting point

If you want to start the new year's first shot

Must be an activist


Listen, our cannon has already fired...

Garrisoned figure

They will lead 2021 with action

Precision System Business Group-Manufacturing Building

In order to speed up the delivery of major projects and at the same time respond to the country's call for "Chinese New Year in situ", the laser masters of the HG Laser Precision System Business Group took the initiative to stay in Wuhan to ensure the delivery of orders from major customers.

Intelligent Equipment Business Group-Robot System Intelligent Factory

In the intelligent factory of the Huagong Laser Robot System, forklifts and trucks shuttle back and forth, and the relocation of the plant is in full swing, in order to ensure the scheduled operation of the new plant. Deng Jiake, general manager of Huagong Laser, came to the scene to celebrate the new year with the laser gentlemen stationed at the scene.


In 2021, we will continue to deepen the multi-industry application of lasers in the field of intelligent manufacturing based on laser intelligent equipment.

Precision System Business Group-Project Site

Because they were needed, they gave up the opportunity to reunite with their relatives during the Spring Festival and insisted on high-quality services. We are proud that some HGlaser staff stationed in the southeast, southwest, central China, and Huizhou.

Intelligent equipment business group-project site

In order to ensure the progress of several well-known automobile brand projects, robot commissioning engineers stationed at the Wuhan and Changsha project sites during the Spring Festival to carry out project technology optimization and commissioning work.

Intelligent equipment business group-project site


As the guarantee project sprinted in production capacity during the Spring Festival, the laser gentlemen stationed in Ningxiang, Taizhou, and Guangzhou have already been engaged in a new round of battle.

International Business Department-Project Site

Production cannot be dropped, and service is continuous.

The after-sales engineers of Huagong Laser International Business Department stick to the project site in Vietnam and provide technical support for the verification and mass production of multiple key projects.


From the Pandemic to the Spring Festival

To start working

The belief in "Customer-centric" has never changed


We keep going with the spring breeze

Set off for dreams

Sprint to the future


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