5G large-scale commercialization is arrived, laser technology promotes PCB industry

5G communication comes to our life, the Huawei Voice of Heart community recently released a record of an interview about Zhengfei Ren when we are worrying about when it is most cost-effective to buy a 5G mobile phone, Unexpectedly, Zhengfei Ren made a challenged proposal-to sell Huawei 5G technology, and is a one-time buyout, rather than paying annual license fees.


Compared with 4G, 5G has greatly improved various technical performance indicators, achieving three 100 times improvements. As a major technology provider and equipment supplier in the 5G filed, Huawei is willing to share 5G technology with other companies. Huawei  technological advantages will undoubtedly accelerate the implementation of many enterprise 5G plans in the market.With the advent of 5G commercial use, there will be a huge increase in circuit boards.


5G has the characters of large data, high frequency of transmission and channel, 5G construction has higher requirements on the quantity and quality of antennas. With the rapid development of 5G base station construction, circuit boards, as indispensable electronic materials in base station construction, will show a multiplication trend, and this will also bring demand boost and more advanced processing technology requirements to the PCB board industry.


Laser technology promotes PCB industry

As a non-contact processing tool, laser can apply high-intensity light energy to a small focal point, and can be used for laser cutting, drilling, marking, welding, mark scrape and other processing of materials.


1. Reduce production costs

The laser technology processing circuit board adopts CNC processing, which does not require mold processing, which saves mold expenses and reduces production costs;


2. Improve production efficiency

Fast laser processing speed and high precision help directly shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle and improve production efficiency;


3. Reduce unnecessary processes

Laser technology only needs to input graphics data into the control system. No matter how complicated the graphics are, they can be done efficiently at one shot, eliminating unnecessary processing procedures;


4. No damage to the workpiece

The traditional contact processing method will generate processing stress on the circuit board and may cause physical damage. The laser processing circuit board is a non-contact processing, which effectively avoids damage and deformation of the processed material.


5. Low maintenance cost and high cost-effective performance

The laser equipment has stable performance, sturdiness and durability, and is able to work for long time, is not easy to be damaged, and has a great advantage in terms of later maintenance costs.


The series of laser equipment independently developed by HGlaser can effectively process the high-density, highly integrated circuit board products, at same time, cutting, grooving and marking the flexible circuit boards, rigid boards and SIP packaging boards ,which is the first choice for making 5G circuit boards, It is widely used in the precision processing of mobile phone digital products, wearable devices, automotive electronics, integrated chips and other products.


HG Laser is fortunate to provide the market with opportunities for advanced laser processing technology under the variation trend of rapid technological. It is the core features of advanced light sources, precision manufacturing, processing services, and intelligent manufacturing that help PCB board industry to present the integrated development of laser, precision processing, and automation which has indirectly contributed to the 5G industry.



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