Using laser cuts steel to create “dancing stairs”

Stairs made of laser-cut steel can be extraordinary? The designer's ingenious design, the original hard steel, processed by a laser cutting machine, and then positioned and welded on-site, presents a streamlined shape, becoming a work of art that is completely different from the common stairs in life.


The designer made the staircase involved the elements of free and dynamic, bringing vigor to the entire space. The hard metal interlaces and connects with each other, like the condensation of a dance, full of beauty.



The shape of the steel plate can be processed arbitrarily as required due to the processing flexibility of the laser cutting machine, which also provides more room for the design of stairs.



Similarly speaking, steel is widely used in industrial processing. As an efficient and high-quality processing tool, fiber laser cutting machine has been widely recognized in construction machinery, automobile manufacturing, sheet metal processing and other industries, and has become a standard configuration in metal processing industry.


HGlaser MARVEL12000W laser cutting machine is equipped with domestic Chinese cores to provide cost-effective solutions for the metal processing field. With faster processing speed and better cutting performance, it wins market reputation and helps the metal processing industry to move forward.

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