The Precautions For Safe Operation And Protection Of Laser Cutting Machine

In recent years, laser cutting machine has become a new favorite in the metal material processing industry, and has been widely used in the metal industry. The high efficiency of laser cutting technology has promoted the transformation and upgrading of domestic industrial technology to a great extent.

However, while enjoying the high efficiency and beauty of laser cutting, how to do a good job in safety protection in use, so as to give better play to the performance of the equipment and reduce the radiation to the human body?


Today, we'll talk about the use safety and protection knowledge of laser cutting machine. Let's get these little knowledge about laser safety protection:


1. Safety precautions for laser cutting equipment


Fire prevention measures

Oxygen shall be used in the laser cutting machine during cutting. Smoking shall be prohibited in the cutting machine area, especially near the oxygen cylinder, so as to prevent potential hazards and unnecessary damage.


Exchange table

Try not to use automatic exchange. Make sure that no one is standing in it. In case of any emergency during the exchange process, immediately stop the exchange or shoot the emergency stop.


2. Safety protection and precautions


Pre operation inspection

Whether the main controller shell, laser power supply shell, switching power supply shell, motor driver shell, data line shell, machine tool guide rail, motor shell, exhaust fan shell and main grounding point are well connected. Poor grounding will shorten the service life of the laser tube, damage the control circuit during high voltage discharge, and even threaten life safety!!!!


Be careful when operating

>Laser light path: when cutting and debugging the light path, please be careful not to let any part of your body touch the light path to avoid injury!!


>Laser energy: the laser current determines the laser energy, but when the current is greater than the allowable value, the laser energy will decrease, and when the current exceeds the allowable value for a long time, it will greatly affect the service life of the laser.


>Ambient temperature: when the ambient temperature is greater than the maximum allowable value, the equipment will not get sufficient heat dissipation, which will reduce the operation stability of the equipment; When the ambient temperature is less than the minimum allowable value, the water in the laser may freeze, resulting in the rupture of the laser tube.


>Cooling water temperature: when the cooling water temperature is greater than the maximum allowable value, the laser energy efficiency will decrease rapidly; When the cooling water temperature is less than the minimum allowable value, the water in the laser will freeze, resulting in the rupture of the laser tube.


>Ambient humidity: excessive humidity will cause laser high voltage discharge, endanger personal safety and damage to laser power supply.


>Power supply: the fluctuation of power supply voltage will lead to unstable operation of equipment; Excessive voltage will cause permanent damage to the equipment power supply system. In order to prevent the electrical appliances and circuits of the machine from burning out due to high voltage, the user is requested to install a power regulator of more than 2000W!


Prohibit startup

>Do not start the machine in bad weather such as thunder and lightning.


>Untrained operators shall not operate the machine alone.


3. Harm of laser cutting to human body and protective measures


Protection of respiratory tract

The high temperature generated by the laser cooperates with the gas to complete various processing. At the same time, it also produces a large amount of dust. Especially when processing some special metal materials, the dust contains some chemical components, which will be harmful to the human body if inhaled into the human body.


Therefore, during laser cutting, we should pay attention to the protection of respiratory tract. Install the supporting dust removal device, operate in a smooth air environment as far as possible, and wear a mask as far as possible. Do not touch the cut parts immediately to avoid scalding due to residual temperature.


Eye protection

When the laser cutting machine is working, it will damage the retina or cornea of the eye. When arranging the cutting site, the following measures can be taken to reduce the reflection or radiation of ultraviolet rays:


1. Darken the wall finish at the work site to reduce radiation;


2. Install protective screen or curtain to reduce ultraviolet radiation;


3. Wear dark eyes or goggles with protective layer or welding cap to protect eyes from strong light of flame, ultraviolet and infrared rays of plasma arc;


4. Other personnel in the working area shall not look directly at the arc or flame during cutting.


Skin protection

Laser cutting has certain damage to skin tissue, which can be repaired by itself. It should be noted that long-term irradiation under the laser will cause skin burns or scars. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the protection of skin during laser cutting.


For safety reasons, it is recommended that the laser operator wear long sleeved clothes to prevent skin burns caused by direct laser on the skin and scalds caused by slag splashing on the skin. Don't touch the cut parts immediately. Wear gloves to avoid scalding.

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