Introduction To The Application Range Of Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting process uses invisible light beam to replace the traditional mechanical knife. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, not limited to the limitation of cutting pattern, automatic typesetting, material saving, smooth incision and low processing cost. It will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting process equipment.


The mechanical part of the laser cutter head of the laser cutting machine has no contact with the workpiece and will not scratch the workpiece surface during operation; The laser cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat, and there is generally no need for subsequent processing; With the continuous development of laser technology, laser cutting machine has gradually replaced the traditional cutting means with its flexibility and flexibility.


Laser cutting machine is a familiar processing machine. According to the classification of cutting materials, it can be divided into metal cutting machine and non-metal cutting machine. What industries can it be used in? Mainly in the following industries:


Kitchenware industry

The traditional processing method of kitchenware manufacturing industry is faced with problems such as low work efficiency, large mold consumption and high use cost. The laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed and high precision, improves the processing efficiency, and can realize customized and personalized product development, solve the problems of kitchen utensils manufacturers, and is deeply recognized by kitchen utensils manufacturers.


Automobile manufacturing industry

There are also many parts and materials in automobiles, such as automobile brake pads. In order to improve the stability of automobiles, it is necessary to ensure the cutting accuracy. First, the accuracy is difficult to achieve, and second, the efficiency is low. The laser cutting machine can process in batches quickly, with high precision, high efficiency, no burr, one-time forming and other advantages, These are the reasons why laser cutting machines are widely used in the automotive industry.

Advertising metal word industry

Traditional advertising processing equipment generally uses materials such as advertising font. Due to the unsatisfactory processing accuracy and cutting surface, the rework probability is quite large. The high-precision laser cutting technology does not need secondary rework, which greatly improves the work efficiency and saves the enterprise cost.

Sheet metal processing industry

With the rapid development of sheet metal processing technology, the traditional sheet metal cutting equipment can not meet the requirements of current process and cutting form. Laser cutting has gradually replaced the traditional equipment with the advantages of high flexibility and fast cutting speed. The wide application of optical fiber laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing is an inevitable trend.

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