How To Choose The Brand Of Laser Cutting Machine

After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, various problems began to appear in the old equipment due to its long service time, and a large number of manufacturing enterprises ushered in the time of great exchange of processing equipment.

HGLASER headquarter
HGLASER headquarter

However, there are more and more manufacturers of processing equipment, especially laser cutting machines, and their products are dazzling. Equipment procurement has become a headache for many enterprises. There are also many people on the Internet asking which brand of laser cutting machine is good and what to pay attention to when choosing laser cutting machine.


Recently, some friends asked me these questions. Today, the old driver who focuses on laser cutting machine, I will give you some answers with my personal experience:


1. Understand your needs


First of all, we should clarify our processing needs.


Some people buy laser cutting machines to cut stainless steel, others to cut wood and others to cut cloth. According to different needs, laser cutting machines also have different classifications.


With the continuous development of science and technology, there are more and more types of laser cutting machines. Facing the different needs of different customers, there are also a variety of corresponding laser cutting machines on the market.


Therefore, if the processing requirements are clarified, the selection range of laser cutting machine is reduced by more than half.


2. Select configuration according to requirements


After clarifying the processing requirements, it is necessary to further determine the equipment configuration.


Any equipment has different configurations. For example, if we want to buy a truck, we have to consider its load capacity, engine power, cargo volume and other different factors in order to determine what model to choose.


The same is true for laser cutting machines. You need to consider various factors such as the material, material thickness, material shape and size of cutting materials.


3. Select suppliers according to price


After the first two steps, you can basically select several relatively suitable suppliers.


At this time, we need to screen the manufacturers that meet our budget, which is also a difficult place for many people - whether to choose imported or domestic, large brands or ordinary brands, local after-sales or no after-sales, etc.


As the saying goes, you can't have high-quality and cheap products at any price, and few suppliers can meet all your considerations. Therefore, you need to make a choice, but how to make a choice depends on your own situation.


However the laser cutting machine should not be cheap when it is chosen. If the quality is not good, the customer service will not be suck. Then it will be necessary to change the machine again. The cost will be even higher.


4. On site investigation and decision


If you have time and conditions, HGLASER suggests to further investigate several selected suppliers, especially for large laser cutting machine equipment, on-site investigation, you can better understand the company's scale, professionalism, after-sales service and other aspects, so as to make more accurate decisions!


Finally, select the one you are most satisfied with, determine the price, sign the purchase contract, complete the purchase process, and wait to receive equipment and training.

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