How To Improve The Cutting Quality Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

After purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, users all want to improve the cutting quality, but if they want to fully and stably exert their power, they should have certain requirements on the working environment of the equipment.

laser cutting

Because many workers will consider cost savings during the cutting process, and some even achieve the ultimate savings, such as impure auxiliary gas, which leads to the problem of power attenuation. Sometimes when considering the profit, the issue of the thickness and output power that the fiber laser cutting machine can cut is ignored.


Although the product performance of the laser cutting machine itself is very good, if it is to be fully and stable, the working environment of the equipment must meet its working conditions, so that the equipment can perform better. Work, otherwise, once working in a place that meets its working conditions, it will not only affect the efficiency of the equipment, but also cause loss.


In the long-term cutting process, if there is no good dust removal, the conductive dust will affect the health of the operator. In addition, if the electrical cabinet is not closed, the dust enters the electrical cabinet and deposits on the circuit board or module, which will cause damage to the electrical components. Especially high-voltage components. Therefore, good dust removal equipment is required when the equipment is working.


Laser cutting machines generally work in a constant temperature environment. Only under constant temperature conditions can the normal operation of the equipment and the processing accuracy of the equipment be guaranteed. The working temperature of the semiconductor in the cutting machine is required to be below 40~45℃. When the room temperature reaches 35℃, the internal temperature of the electrical cabinet can reach above 40℃. When the room temperature is too high, the failure rate of the CNC system will increase, so in order to make the system work well , The working temperature should not exceed 35℃.


The relative humidity of the working environment of the cutting machine is generally less than 75%. Because the cutting machine in high temperature and high humidity is powered off, the water molecules in the air will cause condensation on the circuit board of the power supply or driving device. When it works again, the condensation on the circuit board will cause a short circuit, which will cause the machine to malfunction. 


So when you install the laser cutting machine, you must install it in a place that meets the above working conditions, so as to better avoid the interference of some environmental factors and other external factors, so that the cutting machine equipment can be very good to work.

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