The Advantages Of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, all walks of life are developing rapidly, and the development and progress of the manufacturing industry have been particularly prominent in recent years. Stainless steel pipes are commonly used in the manufacturing industry, which subsequently drives the market for metal pipe processing, which is linked to each other, which drives economic development and promotes technological progress. After the laser tube cutting machine came out, the tube processing market ushered in an unprecedented leap.


Any new technology that can be recognized by most people must have characteristics that the old technology does not have. Then the laser pipe cutting machine should also have certain characteristics and advantages compared with traditional pipe processing equipment. Let's take a look at its characteristics and advantages!


1. Flexibility

The laser pipe cutting machine can cut all kinds of metal pipes, such as stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes, aluminum pipes, copper pipes, galvanized pipes and other composite pipes. The styles also cover a variety of pipes, round pipes, square pipes, and angle irons. , I-beam, U-shaped tube and T-shaped tube can be easily processed. While the laser tube cutting machine has a wide range of applications, it can also carry out complex processes such as carving and perforating the surface of the tube, and the laser can also complete cutting in any direction, as well as three-dimensional bevel cutting. A series of advantages are not easily achieved by traditional pipe cutting technology, which provides good technical support for more and more personalized processing.


2. Accuracy


Compared with traditional sawing equipment, plasma cutting equipment, flame cutting equipment and water cutting equipment, the laser cutting machine has much higher precision. Take the sawing equipment as an example. When sawing, there will be at least one saw blade thickness kerf in the pipe, usually about 2mm. A wider kerf will also lead to lower overall accuracy, while the laser pipe cutting machine will cut the kerf. Small, almost only 0.1mm, the width of the slit can be controlled by adjusting the size of the light spot, which is beyond the reach of traditional crafts.


The laser pipe cutting machine is widely recognized by people and certainly more than the above two advantages. Its novel technology is a combination of many traditional crafts. The advent of the laser pipe cutting machine has filled the blank of pipe processing technology in various countries. The advantages of convenient operation, high automation, high-precision processing, and high-efficiency production have become the first-choice equipment in the pipe processing industry. It has been successfully used in fitness equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, petroleum pipelines, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing, special processing, household appliances manufacturing, Laser external processing services and other machinery manufacturing pipe processing industries.


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