Coil Laser Online Cutting Machine Helps Intelligent Production of Automobile Manufacturing Industry

In the current industrialized production, in the series of processes from steel manufacturing to processing into finished parts, the manufacturers involved can be roughly divided into two types: manufacturers and processors.


The steel is first made into coiled steel from the original ore by the manufacturer, and then after uncoiling and leveling, the processor will process the full-page parts or sheet metal parts.


The emergence of the coil laser online cutting machine combines the uncoiling and leveling and the cutting process, and combines the two independent business models to improve the overall production efficiency, which is very in line with the application needs of various industries.



Coil laser online cutting machine is mainly composed of CAD/CAM programming system, uncoiling and leveling system, automatic feeding system, and laser cutting system. The combination of multiple systems can realize the automatic processing of coil steel, which greatly improves the overall production efficiency. Save costs from raw materials and bid farewell to the burden of traditional manual transportation. The new processing method has a very wide range of applications in sheet metal processing. It is suitable for all kinds of mass processing, production, and manufacturing industries, especially in the automotive body manufacturing industry.




Core technology and innovation points:


Fiber laser cutting processing, rapid production of various metal materials;


Connect unwinding and cutting through a drive motor to realize automatic feeding;


The three-axis linkage during cutting can realize the cutting processing of various complex graphics and three-dimensional graphics.


Technical features:


From production scheduling, typesetting and programming to raw material storage, raw material loading, cutting, and transfer of workpieces and waste after cutting, realize automation and processing according to plan;


Efficient transfer from uncoiling to cutting, synchronous cutting can be realized according to different types of workpieces, and it can also be fed and cut. The processed finished parts can be automatically unloaded;


Equipped with automatic uncoiling device, automatic feeding device, cutting system, and unloading system; it can be connected with the production system, execute the production plan, and realize efficient production management.


As an important enterprise of intelligent manufacturing in China, it has accelerated the deployment and promotion in the field of intelligent manufacturing, with the help of digital and informatized R&D and manufacturing platforms to enhance equipment manufacturing capabilities, and respond to the industry’s high efficiency, high precision, high quality, and low cost pressures and challenges, and meet The customized needs of users will drive the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry through "new equipment + laser technology".


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